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An Old Challenge I Overcame, A New Challenge Appeared

Hello~ I’m very happy now because I will go to see my boyfriend tomorrow. Haha, long distance relationship is so tough. I feel like I’m the little girl who wait for more marshmallows in the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment (A deferred gratification experiment that children were offered a choice between one small but immediate reward, or two small rewards if they waited for a period of time).

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The Endlessly Painful Road of Python and R

Since I finished the process of scraping data with Python from Bilibili website last week, I began to think about how to visualize them, I searched a lot and also talked with Professor Cairo and Clay to get professional advice. The truth is, professional advice means more and more work.

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When Huge Ambition and Poor Ability Meet

I just saw a very interesting image today. It talks about a horse-- /image/. What is said is actually the truth. Now I’m at the step of scraping data from the Bilibili website. My professor Lenny told me Python is not a difficult language. Why did I trust him? Well, maybe because Python is easy and friendly to him, not me ╥﹏╥...

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Inspired by Mr. Xie, and Revised My Website

Today I read an inspiring blog. It’s written by Yihui Xie, a software engineer at RStudio. He graduated as Bachelor of Economics, School of Statistics, the Renmin University of China in 2006, where is closed to my college, China University of Political Science and Law. In fact, Renmin University of China is some students’ dream school from my college. In China, we call students from academically poor to the top as “study crumbs”, “study crisp”...

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From Ancient Cloth in China to Your Jeans

Many Chinese workers relied on it for their livelihood last century. But their businesses was going up in flame. Because industrial indigo was successfully developed overseas. It is much cheaper than hand-made indigo. Soonly, Chinese workers lost their markets. At that time, they were also war-torn...

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Why People Don’t Like Hong Kong Films Anymore?

My childhood memory is full of Hong Kong films. But now no people watch new Hong Kong films. Why people don't like Hong Kong films any more? Through my research and data I found, there are three reasons...

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The Process of Making Beer

Jinqi, Zihao and I worked together during the Visual Discovery Conference. In just three days, we collaborated with each other. Jinqi created the website, Zihao added special effects, I did the process video. The project is about the process of craft beer making.

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Where did your daily wastewater go?

The project is about the process of cleaning wastewater and the dangers of ocean outfalls, which means treated water pumping into the sea. One obvious impact is the decrease in the numbers and the size of bonefish.

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The Change of the First-time Mothers in the US

The mean age of first-time mothers in 2017, which is 28.65, 4 years older than 24.65 in 2000. Why more women prefer to pregnant in early 30s? Is any relationships between education level and the age of first-time mothers in the United States?

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The Age of Women when Having Babies in the US

An interesting topic strongly caught my eyes when I went through the NewYork Times’ website, “ The Age That Women Have Babies“. Is it true? I want to verify this conclusion with data and the help of GIS

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Redesign University of Miami's Interactive Media website

Victoria Valdes, Gaurav Nandipur, Jinqi Li and I redesigned the website top navigation bar with the help of card sorting. We collected data about top navigation bar then inputed them into Optimal Sort program, and launched study site.

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No.1 Onsen in Japan

The onsen is the top onsen in Japan. Why is it so popular in Japan? Let us explore and enjoy it's beauty.

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The Underlying Case of Black-white Discrepancy in Student Loans

At nearly $1.4 trillion in loans outstanding, student debt is the secondlargest source of household debt(after housing). 27% of borrowers with less than $10,000 of outstanding debt, and 20% of those with between $10,000 and $25,000 of debt, and behind on their payments.

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An In-depth Look at Global Investment Trends and Prospects

Global foreign direct investment (FDI) ows fell by 23 percent in 2017, to $1.43 trillion from $1.87 trillion in 2016. In this case, developing countries, and the least developed countries in particular, face considerable challenges. For example, challenges are particularly pronounced in Africa...

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Game: Avoid Collision!

The project is braking when obstacles get close to the screen. If you successfully click the brake, the right black circle, the happy rabbit will celebrate for that. If you click too lately, an ambulance and a patrol wagon will run to you. And your money will fly away:)

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Movie Club

Are you a film lover? Do you want to make friends with who share same interest with you? "Movie Club" is coming! The goal of the APP is to help movie lovers build a real connection with people who share similar tastes in movies with them. We want to build a friendly online community with the privacy policy...

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A Power Control for Alzheimers

The Power Control is a kit of internet-enabled plugs and miniature cameras, with an app to connect them all. A caregiver can set up the plugs and cameras, then monitor the patient’s appliances discreetly through an app. In this case, caregivers don't need to worry the patients will get hurt due to forgetting to close an oven.