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An Old Challenge I Overcame, A New Challenge Appeared

Hello~ I’m very happy now because I will go to see my boyfriend tomorrow. Haha, long distance relationship is so tough. I feel like I’m the little girl who wait for more marshmallows in the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment (A deferred gratification experiment that children were offered a choice between one small but immediate reward, or two small rewards if they waited for a period of time).

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The Endlessly Painful Road of Python and R

Since I finished the process of scraping data with Python from Bilibili website last week, I began to think about how to visualize them, I searched a lot and also talked with Professor Cairo and Clay to get professional advice. The truth is, professional advice means more and more work.

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When Huge Ambition and Poor Ability Meet

I just saw a very interesting image today. It talks about a horse-- /image/. What is said is actually the truth. Now I’m at the step of scraping data from the Bilibili website. My professor Lenny told me Python is not a difficult language. Why did I trust him? Well, maybe because Python is easy and friendly to him, not me ╥﹏╥...

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Inspired by Mr. Xie, and Revised My Website

Today I read an inspiring blog. It’s written by Yihui Xie, a software engineer at RStudio. He graduated as Bachelor of Economics, School of Statistics, the Renmin University of China in 2006, where is closed to my college, China University of Political Science and Law. In fact, Renmin University of China is some students’ dream school from my college. In China, we call students from academically poor to the top as “study crumbs”, “study crisp”...

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The Design Process of "From Ancient Cloth in China to Your Jeans"

In July 2019, I read an interesting history book, A Minimalist History of China in the Museums. The author, Jingwei Zhang, weaved the history into each story through cultural relics in the museums. In the chapter of the Qing Dynasty, I noticed the small blue fabric—Chinese indigo dyeing clothes. To my surprise, the way of traditional indigo dyeing is as same as the way of modern jeans dyeing...