An Old Challenge I Overcame, A New Challenge Appeared

Hello~ I’m very happy now because I will go to see my boyfriend tomorrow. Haha, long distance relationship is so tough. I feel like I’m the little girl who wait for more marshmallows in the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment (A deferred gratification experiment that children were offered a choice between one small but immediate reward, or two small rewards if they waited for a period of time).

And I’m also happy for success in word proximity in R (used n-gram in R to visualize the relationships between words)! Yeah! I did it!

Rough n-gram network

It looks chaotic now, but I will revise it as soon as possible. Actually, I already manually separated the relationships of the words into 7 groups. And I also did the frequency chart of words and “not” words:

The frequencies of words (anime is the top, then character, and twelve)

Like, and stop are top positive and negative words

A funny thing is when I did the exercise following the book Text Mining with R, it’s very fluent. But when I tried the real data, it didn’t work. I had no idea and spent a whole evening to find where the bug was. And my friend in China also didn’t know why. “It should work”, he said. And I told him I need to go to bed and tried it next day. And that’s a very wise option when you are beaten by a bug. I got up the next day and quickly fixed the bug. The bug happened because I didn’t add the “$row name” when I imported csv file. Such a stupid mistake😂

In spite of the bug, I fluently create the n-gram network chart. Another difficult thing was the language. Due to the bad auto translation, I manually translated the words, whose frequencies are bigger than 10. God! It’s a huge work. But again, I did it.

I did it!

So I showed it to Professor Cairo. And again, my data visualization expert raised a new question. If my life is a role play game, Professor Cairo would be a village head or a mayor of the town, constantly giving a new assignment when I finish the previous one.

In this case, my new assignment is how to tell the story. Since with the frequency of words and relationship between words, what kind of storyline should I show to my audience? The Twelve Kingdoms is my favorite anime. And those comments are friendly for fans of the anime or the series of novels. But for people who don’t know The Twelve Kingdoms, how can I attract them to go through my project?

And I have to recognize that the number of people who don’t know The Twelve Kingdoms are much more than the number who know. How to stop the passer-by’s feet is my biggest challenge.

In this situation, I began to search again. When I don’t know something, I begin to google. After I find some precedent examples and make my storyline clear, I will show several versions to my friends. After revising the design according to their advice, I will show those revised versions to Professor Cairo. And keep revising them.

That’s it. I believe my final work will attract a lot of audience!