I’m back 💪

Haha, shame on myself. I didn’t write any blog in the past four months!

Let me conclude my quarantine life:

  • March: Wow!! I’m soooo happy, I don’t need to go to school now. I can read those novels which I don’t have time to read, watch Korean dramas, play computer games. Let me enjoy my long vocation, next month I don’t have a chance to do that.

  • April: Wait… the vocation looks longer than I imagine. When will it end? I kind of getting tried of dramas, novels, and games. I want to go outside to eat, to see my friends. And I need to present my capstone next month and I didn’t work hard last month. OMG, I want to go back to normal life.

  • May: Well, I already get used to quarantine lifestyle. Even though I don’t need to face my professor, I still need to finish my projects, find an internship. Especially I need to be more self-controlled, trying to learn more things before graduation. It’s a period full of challenges and chances.

  • June: It’s so hard to find an intern right now. And I need to learn so many new things. React, Node, SASS… wow, even busier than at school. But I will try my best to work hard!

Upper words are the conclusion of my quarantine life. My mood is influenced by the COVID-19, the feedback of internship, the relationship with my host, the call from my parents in China. And I felt frustrated, disappointed several times.

Thanks to my boyfriend Wei. He came back to Miami from New Jersey for me. He cheered me up to face real life. And also thank my Professor Cairo, he keeps sending hiring emails to students and encourages me to get the chance. In the end, thank me. Because I keep learning JS and React courses on the website. Last week I fix a problem during the intern test through the knowledge I learned from the web.

This blog represents I come back😄 I will keep write weekly blogs, record my life. Now I’m trying to rebuild my website through React. Maybe next time you open my site, it will be totally different.

Keep working, keep fighting!