Back to the beginning, why I want to do data visualization for The Twelve Kingdoms

When I was a child, I met the anime “The Twelve Kingdoms”. It’s a different anime, totally different from others. The anime pushed me to read the original book series. It has interesting and dangerous adventures, with rich contents of awaking feminine consciousness and ancient Asian cultural value. Even today, it’s still my favorite anime.

The Cover of the First Book of The Twelve Kingdoms

When professor Lenny asked me, what I want to do for the capstone. I have no idea. he told me I can do anything, anything I’m interested in or loved. His words reminded me of the anime. Yes, it’s the last chance for me to have fun before graduation. I need to earn a living after graduation. So, why not creating a data viz project for my favorite anime? I began to search for other data viz projects related to book series, film, and television works. Actually, I found two precedents that influenced my capstone.

  • Fifty chapters of adorable cuteness Cardcaptor Sakura by Nadieh Bremer

    It’s a data viz project of the anime Cardcaptor Sakura. I loved to watch Cardcaptor Sakura when I was young. I love she used different colors to reveal different characters. And the lines among the main characters also present their relationship. She did very well in bubble charts, which inspired me to show characters’ relationships through bubbles.

  • Anne Sexton: Poetry Between Pain by Deb Pang Davis

    Deb is my classmate and a brilliant data-driven storyteller. She did text and sentiment analysis of Anne Sexton’s book series. Then she told us the story behind the data. Because The Twelve Kingdoms originally are a series of fantasy novels wrote by Fuyumi Ono.

    Deb’s work reminded me that I can do text analysis of The Twelve Kingdoms.

Upper words are the processes how I decided to work on this project. And I still work on the data now. Keep working, keep fighting!