Final thoughts about my capstone

At the beginning of the semester, I found this image on the website. It’s about the process of the capstone. It’s funny so I saved it. In the beginning, I want to show the book series, bullet screen comments, and bottom comments. Just like this horse, very ambitious.

The capstone process of horse painting

Until the midterm, I felt like things are too overwhelming. I had no time to analyze the comments. So, my plan was changed, Just like this horse.

When the due date is getting close, I was more afraid my final work will become this horse. It’s cute but I don’t want to. It’s harder because of the home study. I need to keep myself away from computer games, TV dramas, and romantic novels. Luckily, I need to report my progress per week to Professor Cairo and Lenny, who pushed me to work hard. And you can see my work is not like the cute, unfinished horse.

I can’t say my work is perfect. But it’s finished. And that makes me happy;) and I hope this blog has been interesting, even valuable for you. Thank you for reading. And see you next time! And here is the project link.