Open Card Sort Study: Redesign University of Miami's Interactive Media website

My Role

Data Analyst (Group Work)


2019.01.08 - 2019.01.19


OptimalSort    Excel    Sketch

This is a project classmates Victoria Valdes, Gaurav Nandipur, Jinqi Li and I made in UX Research Methods course last semester.

The project is about how we redesign the website top navigation bar with the help of card sorting. We collected data about top navigation bar then inputed them into Optimal Sort program, and launched study site. Then we collected 48 participants' data. After that, we analysied the data through users' grouping strategy, the prioritization they sorted, similarity matrix and tree diagram. In the end, we created the redesigned mockup for the website.

Because of the tight schedule, we often worked till the library closed. It's not a bad memory;)

There are details about the project: