There are two projects I made in Prototyping course last year. This was also the first time for me to play with application Sketch.

#1 Movie Club

The project is to help movie lovers build a real connection with people who share similar tastes in movies with them. We want to build a friendly online community with the privacy policy, encourage users to make friends through sharing movie reviews, discussions and blogs, and organize various activities related with movies, attracting users to go outside.

My classmates Yuan Fang, Jinqi Li and I interviewed movie lovers, then created three personas, scenarios, prototype and storyboard for it.

This is the link to the test demo.

There are details for the project:

#2 A Power Control for Alzheimers

The Power Control is a kit of internet-enabled plugs and miniature cameras, with an app to connect them all. A caregiver can set up the plugs and cameras, then monitor the patient’s appliances discreetly through an app. In this case, caregivers don't need to worry the patients will get hurt due to forgetting to close an oven.

My classmate Harold Milenkovic and I created the project together. I can't finish it without his help.

This is the link to test demo.

There are details about the project: